Lighthouse Project

Input This lighthouse project started with a question my kid asked me if I could draw a lighthouse with some heavy waves in the ocean. The original sketch gets lost in a bunch of C's, S's and infinity symbols. I accepted the challenge and started doodling some quick outlines on a piece of paper that was already filled with some freehand drawing exercises. Highlighted outlines and cropped in. Highlighted with a Uni-ball Gel Impact Black Broad 1.

Squiggly Lines

Input I wanted to exercise my blending techniques, depth, perspective and shading work, so I just pencilled a few lines on a blank piece of paper and went from there. Initial sketch. Process Finished artwork with all the supplies used to create it. I coloured the main lines and blended them using Polychromos and filled the gaps between them with Albrecht Dürer Watercolour. The supplies depicted in the above image are:

Hearts on Fire

Input This Hearts on Fire project started as a study I sketched of a heart. I envisioned it to be an intricate piece with loads of details. The original piece was created layering a bunch of colours. What started as a sketch with thin lines and a mis-shaped heart quickly turned into something a bit more clunky. However, I started to take a liking to this happy accident and decided to roll with it, adding further shades into the mix and extending the borders of the heart further and further.