Functional Sculpture: Podium

This podium is a functional sculpture. It was fashioned Bricolage-style from the scraps of building an original sound stage frame made out of 100x100mm pieces of spruce construction wood and a panel from an IKEA shelf system. I thought of the concept, collected the material and a carpenter friend of mine assembled the pieces, making use of his woodworking equipment, which I didn’t have at the time. The foot is made out of 4 wood pieces of equal length, bolted together in pairs.

Popcorn Science Update

Some call me the “Popcorn Pope”. My popcorn creations are imaginative, tasty and far from the plain old bland popped corn.

So, to take you with me on this marvellous journey, I registered a domain on 18/09/2019 called I’m giving you a teaser here.

my take on the Brexit

In the wake of the recent referendum of the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union which in short was just called “Brexit” for those in favour of leaving the EU, there has been a lot of buzz online and elsewhere. This of course was to be expected of a vote with the potential of having wide ranging consequences. I’d like to call a lot of what’s been going on merely “noise” while trying to distil the essence of it which I’d like to call “signal”.