Hearts on Fire

Updated on 29/12/2022


This Hearts on Fire project started as a study I sketched of a heart. I envisioned it to be an intricate piece with loads of details.

alt text
The original piece was created layering a bunch of colours.

What started as a sketch with thin lines and a mis-shaped heart quickly turned into something a bit more clunky. However, I started to take a liking to this happy accident and decided to roll with it, adding further shades into the mix and extending the borders of the heart further and further.


alt text
Hearts on Fire and the supplies and inspiration used to create it.

I posted this image on a slack channel of the company I work for and got some feedback from people. One kind soul volunteered to lend me a coffee table book with a few variations on the heart theme for inspiration and I gladly took her up on the offer. The original piece was decidedly missing some flames while bearing “on fire” in the title. So I fixed that by using some brushes and odourless mineral spirits to move the pigments vaguely depicting flames.

alt text
Quick snap of the finished piece in my sketchbook.

I’m quite happy with how this project turned out. I take it as a nice study of how to work with the Faber-Castell 60 Polychromos Colour Pencils and learned quite a few techniques along the way. Most of it I picked up watching some YouTube content on the subject matter.


alt text
Hearts on Fire finished.

This is the finished artwork.