Lighthouse Project

Updated on 29/12/2022


This lighthouse project started with a question my kid asked me if I could draw a lighthouse with some heavy waves in the ocean.

alt text
The original sketch gets lost in a bunch of C's, S's and infinity symbols.

I accepted the challenge and started doodling some quick outlines on a piece of paper that was already filled with some freehand drawing exercises.

alt text
Highlighted outlines and cropped in.

Highlighted with a Uni-ball Gel Impact Black Broad 1.0mm and cropped in to make it stand out for demonstration purposes and way after the actual work of art has been put on paper.


alt text
Sketch and finished work in comparison.

To highlight and pay respects to the creative process I have extracted, enlarged and overlaid the concept sketch over the result, showing how similar the product is to the original sketch. After creating the sketch I used a blank sheet of paper and outlined the contours with a Faber-Castell Castell 9000 HB, traced the lines with a Pitt Artist Pen, erased the pencil sketch and then started colouring the piece.


alt text
Lighthouse Project and the supplies used to create it.

These are most of the supplies I have used depicted alongside the finished artwork. I posted this image on my Facebook.

alt text
Lighthouse Project finished.