my take on "The Reimagined Battlestar Galactica"

Coming from a perspective of being one of many serious Star Trek fans who have watched absolutely every episode and movie there is out there, presently I can't tell which of these I like better.

my take on paper and metal for quenching your thirst for commodities

I rarely carry around money , as I believe that money-transfer with paper and metal is way too complicated to be taken seriously. There are all these kinds of problems with exchanging currencies, paying, receiving change (having ready the correct amount of coins), getting your hard earned {insert currency here, i.e. dollars, euros} from your trusted bank to your pocket burns fuel and time, carrying around vast amounts of paper or metal only for the purpose of exchanging CASH for GOODS.

LBPC#020 – Gangnam Style

LBPC#020 - Gangnam Style Shownotes Wieder zurück nach einer enorm langen Sendepause. Die Themen liegen Bereit. Aus aktuellem Anlass gehe ich zusammen mit Joni auf den Song ein. Nach diesem lustigen Einstieg geht es direkt an die Thematik. Aussage des Songs / Videos PSY – Gangnam Style Welche Entwicklung das Ganze genommen hat Über den Eintrag im Guinness Buch der Rekorde Diese Folge wurde am Montag, 29.